We've created this project to make people happier in the period of social isolation and fun is not only about mindless booz-ups. Our bars were envisioned as an environment to learn, connect, play games, find real friends and have all sorts of fun. You're welcome if you are easy to get along with. We know that everything's not perfect here, so please help us by respecting our rules and values, otherwise you can be kicked out.
Respect others

STFH bar policy is against all kinds of discrimination, but we are not responsible for all of the assholes in the world you could meet at STFH bar or elsewhere on social media.
Don't feed the trolls

Some people, known as internet trolls, devote their life to being miserable assholes and get satisfaction from messing up with others. If you face one, please ignore them, mute and stay away from their game — you always lose when arguing with idiots.
Dislike someone? Mute'em!

Get some guts and don't always count on our admins — mute people you don't like, go to other bars & stay where you enjoy others.
Feel like no one's listening? Then you are the one everyone muted.
Faces & vibes

We don't have face control, but we do have vibes control — so, sometimes you have to knock and show your face so that we know you are not Putin or Trump.
once you are inside — feel free to turn your cam off, even though we like seeing faces.
Sleeping is okay

Offline bars wouldn't appreciate it, but it is totally fine to sleep at our bars.
No recording

We never collect data, but sometimes record concerts or lectures. We inform you when this happens. But keep in mind that STFH Bar is located in the internet where other users can record their screens (with you there) and even draw sketches of your beautiful faces.