you can enter the bar from any device. for your smartphone it's better to download the Whereby app.
welcome to Manhattan Zodiac spirit society. Spirits and alcohol are a little bit younger than humanity, but not by too much.
besides being one of the strongest social lubricants and communication instruments, spirits and libations are shrouded in fascinating legends, intriguing myths, and rich history. and it tastes great!
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this bar is a part of the international Stay The Fuck Home Bar Street: online bars where you can stay isolated yet in touch with people you love. we've created this because we aren't ready to give up having fun and enjoying people even when the world is barreling head- long into an apocalypse.
This is an initiative by shishki.collective
we are continuously developing the project. keep in touch and join Instagam
this is an initiative by shishki.collective
in support of the #StayTheFuckHome
you can use filters and snapchat masks in the bar through the snapcamera app. we made our masks: staythefvckhomebar and stfh bar light — look for them in the app.